INDIA a land of diversity.diversity in culture ,flora and fauna , tradition and also diversity of mindset.Difference in ideologies are a commom sight here but things started to get complicated when the hypothetical nature of our media was exposed.Reporting stooped to its lowest level where a communal drift became the hard news and issues like poverty , corruption became the part of soft news.To mention the way media decides to highlight an issue , RELIGION being the paramount of all the issue .Our constitution paved a path towards secular India but now media has created the environment of unprecedented PSEUDO-SECULARISM. Kashmiri Pandit Exodus-ASSASINATION of PANDITS  political activist , TIKA LAL TAPLOO in front of his residence which BROKE THE ICE  for exodus of approximately 800,000 pandits who had to evade their home involuntarily . a barbarous exercise with least possible media coverage was enough to expose and highlight the media’s hypocirsy whilst hand the media proclaimed hero of JNU had allegations of raising pro-afzal slogans and anti-india slogans.the media faternity came down on streets  to protect the students claiming the intervention of police as an attack on the freedom of speech.

Considering the current political scenario in india its narendra modi (bjp)  vs the rest of political parties.We all know that Narendra Modi has been in the headlines ever since the godhra 2002 riots and the media keeps on reciting the aftermath but media seems to be suffering from accute-amnesia when it comes to deal with the horrendous 1984 SIKH riots.lynched , burned alive , some fled from sikhism and the entire nation witnessed the  atrocity of sikhs but still media chose to maintain the silent  path

Pre independece media was used to ignite the feeling of patritoism amidst indians.Exchange of ideas , how to fight for our independence was listed down there.a treaty was set in motion by the britishers for the indian regiment in the british army which prohibited them from reading the newspaper.such was the value and significance of media then but now the media houses are either political oriented or money oriented

There are several allegations against the media houses ranging from “CREATING NEWS BECAUSE OF MONEY” to “CREATING NEWS FOR THE BENEIFT OF A POLITICAL  PARTY”.SUDHIR CHAUDHARY the Zee news journalist was arrested for allegdly extorting  100 crore from then congress MP Naveen Jindal and in the twist of irony Sudhir Chaudhary is now rated as the epitome of patriotism by a large section of Indians . Strange?

Journalists are good at creating mountains of molehills .Some months  before  a man in DADRI named Akhlaq  was lynched by a mob for allegedly consuming beef.this incident was a black mark in the high standards of secularism we give to the entire world but the media house started the “AWARD WAPSI” Phenomenon.The media created an environment of pseudo-calamity citing that pm Narendra Modi  is the INDIAN version of Kim-jong-un but the same media maintained silence when Dangal’s child  protagonist Zaira Wasim had to write an appology as her acting had hurt the sentiments of some extremists.




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