An expeditious call for the change of PERCEPTION

A Political manifesto , or an incident  stimulates the entire nation to express  their anguish towards the culprit and the inefficiency of the rape laws to provide justice for the victim , and the repeated failure of laws  to recompensate the loss of victims.Who is to be blamed?  The government or the media for belittling the issue once it’s not much of a TRP booster? Apart from all the allegations of failures directed towards the governmnet depicting how half-hearted their efforts were, to establish a worry-free society for the women, we never cross-questioned our shallowness in terms of efforts that we put in , or the perception we make out of women/girls that doesn’t match to one’s stereotype.


March towards India Gate , clash with the police howl to the top of your voice for justice of the rape victim and then obilterate the barbaric crime until the next incident , but let’s just flip the coin and consider it’s other side.

Raat raat bhar party karti hay ”, “ kitne mardo kay saath ghumti hay “  , “ sharab ciggarete peeti hay ” , “ ladke kay samne koi sharam lehaz nahi rakhti hay” to recall all the prototypes set-up by the society it would take me a day’s time, but if you accede to the above mentioned criterion the girl is subjected to be raped.

Sleazy comments on a girl are trademark of regressive mentality.An independent girl would remain a myth in India because we don’t want to involve.Forget clothes, the time of her work also defines her character and probabiblity of getting raped.Only a visible strap of bra makes a girl hooker or a girl for many, to tagging a girl slut if her cleavage is visible.Have we exempted women from any of the stereotypes?


Even the politicians and their political gimmick are a never ending saga.Recalling the incident when SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav bluntly said “Ho jaati hay ladko say galti” and no wonder he was a chief of the party holding the government.

One more incident which I recall in agony was the Nirbhaya rape incident where the entire nation came together for justice , but the feeble juvenile law let go the culprit , and Arvind Kejriwal offered help to him in terms of cash.Selective outrage?


The most recent incident which put the entire nation to shame , the molestation incident on the new year’s eve , but the competition bewteen the illiteracy of the politician never fails the expectation.The Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara attributed the incident to “western ways”


Real men protect women.We are taught this since our childhood , but we never ask women to protect themselves without one’s support.Why the society labels women as fragile creations?It’s not the time to debate much on it, it’s the time of scrutiny of our perception towards rape and rape vicitms .


Written by

Rihant Chhabra


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