The In/Fame of Social Media 

Social Media though with its fair share of checks and balances , pros and cons has yet emerged as a victor . The social media has the power to catapult anyone lay man to the Zenith of success so much that all other kinds of Media report it incessantly. A topic , latest by virtue of date , which has dominated social media is the thrashing of JNU students charged with Sedition by the mighty ABVP , the flag bearer of nationalism at the DU in the Indian heartland . But what became a boiling point was the profile for peace video by a DU student (from LSR and not Ramjas where the incident took place) named Gurmehar Kaur , supposedly the daughter of a braveheart martyred in Kargil . This lady by her words and her identity as a martyr’s daughter stole the show . There was much hoohaa on this issue , with some eminent journalists jumping into the bandwagon and running the show full time in their respective news channels . Opinions across different sects was of course divided . What was cheered as a champion of cause by a handful of feminist journalists received a lot of flak from their own fraternity . A girl who claims to be a nationalist’s daughter pioneered the cause as an evangelist supporting those who chant the slogan of Bharat Ki Barbaadi as a chant . A lesser known bollywood personality even went on to call our national heroes as illiterate trolls when the called on the hypocrisy by a few from the media who were obviously pawning the girl for their peddling their vendetta and personal mileage . Subsequently the poor girl even got rape threats from communists but the champions of Free Speech didn’t waste even a minute blaming the right wing over it . The best part is instead of filling an FIR , the girl went to a news studio to rant over something as potentially serious as a rape threat .

Interestingly , there are people in the society who cry out loud for freedom of speech , are generous enough to call them illiterate , those who share a different opinion than them . War in any form is bad . But history is privy that all sorts of war has been imposed on India and what we did was self defence. It’s our karma . That’s what the Bhagvad Geeta says . But then when we have flag bearers of pseudo speech here , who cares where the nation’s heading .

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