Bollywood is India’s identity of sorts overseas . With our actors enjoying mammoth-like fan following abroad many people outside the borders identify bollywood with our country . A host of people are a part of what is called film fraternity . While bollywood by and large has always been pro-feminism , there’s been always whispers misogyny in the lanes . With the news of casting couch doing rumours every now and then bollywood shares a permanent relationship with sexual favours in return of name and fame thar comes along . The lanes are pretty dark and murky with number of young people falling prey for sexual favours in return of glitz and glamour . Today , the world is celebrating women’s day with everyone greeting and celebrating the being called woman . However , bollywood has hit a new low . With some meagre hits to his credit , producer Ram Gopal Varma , born from a woman’s womb was at his chauvinistic , misogynistic and derogatory worst . With few distasteful and sly tweets he has again opened the can of worms that contains the very thought process that runs in bollywood , which consider women as an object of sexual Pleasure. Though words fail to describe how one would feel on reading his tweets , what is startling is that none from the famed fraternity , which is much upbeat about women empowerment called upon his shit .





Ignorance is not always bliss and it’s important for others to denounce the spiteful acts of their colleague , much alike . With this silence here not being golden one might wonder is that what a man , born and brought up with the Indian values has forgotten even the basics of decency ? It’s not okay to be this misogynistic and derogatory towards even an ant let alone a woman . What makes a man tweet such vengeful words ? Is it not something to ponder on ? How do we save our already maligned name if people like this continue to put forth their stinky words without any filter or fear ? With misogyny and objectification running deep in our veins where do we head as a nation ?

This tweet was the final nail in the coffin!







Sunny Leone or woman irrespective of their past or present are very human entitled to some basic human rights . From directly proportioning a woman’s clothes to her character and publically saying that boys are prone to make mistakes we have been setting wrong examples all through in front of the globe about our country and culture . Why feel offended when Governments of other countries warn their citizens to visit us ? Haven’t we somewhere been responsible for this ?

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