Azam! O Azam!




Azam Khan is the motor MLA from the Samajwadi Party. He is a pro Muslim anti Hindu leader and he calls himself a secular leader of UP. Rather pro Muslim and anti-Hindu is the actual definition of secularism in India.

When all the exit polls were claiming Modi will get clear mandate in Uttar Pradesh it was Azam Khan who said Samajwadi Party will get more than 350 seats in UP.

And after the loss in UP, it was Azam Khan who started crying while addressing a rally full of Muslims in Ramgarh. And not just he cried the frustration can be seen in the face and attitude as well. Azam Khan said now he won’t be able to work for people.








This was probably a political stunt performed by the veteran who has led the foundation for the Samajwadi Party along with Mulayam Singh Yadav. On the other hand, his overconfidence may also be the result for his emotional outburst in the public rally. Despite all exit polls showing a BJP majority, Khan was the one who said that SP is going to get an overall majority of over 350 seats. He has loyally served the party for more than two decades now and such behaviour might be justified.

None the less, Khan who counted mostly on the Muslim votes was definitely disappointed by his vote bank this time which added on to his sorrows. The result of which is in front of us.

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