Suicide, has become the most popular religion for the students in India.It tears me apart , whenever there is a headline attributed to suicide.The suicide debacle seems a never ending saga here.The easiest way for some, to ease out of a situation is suicide,but it has just become a political subtle now.Be it farmers , or army-men or students a suicide is used as a ploy to attack the rulling government by the opposition and it is indeed insidious in every aspect.


In the recent news Muthukrishnan , a Mphil student of JNU was found hanging , at a friend’s place in Delhi’s Munrika on Monday.

This new created much of a stir, because Muthukrishnan was an active member of the justice for Rohit Vemula movement and his suicide news comes a year later after the incident which jolted the entire nation.

The news had to create a buzz , because for the obvious reason that it is related to JNU but the way media is potraying the news shows ,that something is definitely wrong with the Indian Media and the pseudo-intellects.

Tweets pour in, expressing condolence to the deceased student but the thing that was not so obvious and necessary was the presence of the word “dalit” in every condolence tweet.

This happened for a very obvious reason.A bunch of people is on the look for an opportunity to give the rulling government an image of “casteist” , and to potray it as a party that abhors the lower caste people.Instead of giving a moral support to the parents of deceased student , we would now witness protests by the students  and certain political personalities using this incident to boost up their political career.To keep in mind there was no “Suicide Note” found near the body. So there is a very obvious chance that we would have a repeat telecast of all those incidents , which were the aftermath of Rohit Vemula’s death.


One message to all those who would be using this incident for some gains , just stop.It is a disheartening incident, and we are languishing our unity by such tags and labels.

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