The Homosexuality Discrimination

Sacked for being homosexual, professor to file online petition

In a bizarre incident of discrimination against homosexuals, St Joseph’s College in Bangaluru removed a professor on March 9 from his post for giving his ‘personal opinions’ while delivering english lectures to his students.

Ashley Tellis, who was a professor in the English department of St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, was called in by the Principal, Fr. Victor Lobo in the middle of a lecture and put forth his concern saying that “students are disturbed by your personal opinions,” and that he had been asked to relieve Tellis with immediate effect.

“You were hired to teach English and not give your opinions,” Tellis quoted the Principal in his Facebook post:-

In the post, Tellis, who is a feminist and an activist for the rights of homosexuals, pointed the regressive mindset of the college, saying, “This is the same principal who finds a girl hugging a boy on his birthday offensive and penalises her, asking her what sort of family she comes from.”

The Principal has also asked him not to serve the one-month notice period, a clause that was included in his contract.A statement by the college was later issued saying he had clearly stated his orientation in his application and also at the time of his interview.It stated, “Prof Ashley Tellis was appointed on a temporary six-month contract in November 2016.”

While the college appreciated his intellectual abilities in the statement, they “were pained to note that he seemed to pay no heed to the sensitivities of undergraduate from heterogeneous background.”

“After receiving several complaints from students and their parents about Prof Ashley having crossed the line repeatedly in his interaction and comments, the management decided that it would be for best to terminate his services,” the statement said.

As per media reports, Tellis said that he will be meeting a lawyer and will also be filing an online petition in this matter.

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