The 46 Fatwas that shook the nation!

Terrorism has shaken the world . What was once touted as a cruel gift of America to the world has become a malignant cancerous tumour for the world slowly spreading its vicious tentacles around the world . Many people who have been scrutinised under the radar of terrorists, mostly belong to Islam. However the world does understand the stance of muslims who aren’t into this bloodbath and are more humane . While some blame Quran to be the inciter of violence ,some sympathise with it and it’s followers .

However , islamic clerics have always maintained a rather shady stand against this rabid disease that is plaguing the world . Instead of completely denouncing the wrong doers , they extend an under the table support them . A recent occurrence that validates this fact , is 46 fatwas issued against a 16 yr old singer of Assam named , Nahid Afrin . The girl did the inevitable , and sang a song against the ISIS , currently the largest terror network in the world with its roots slowly spreading towards India . While what the girl did was applause worthy and outstandingly courageous; it’s outrageous and stupefying to see religious clerics instead of lauding the girl with much-needed encouragement fired her with senseless and derogatory fatwas .

Why such hypocrisy ?

Aren’t the terrorists considered “Non Muslims”  by the same Maulvis and isn’t Islam a religion of peace and sovereignty . Why such apathy towards diligent efforts of honest humans and that too by the most coveted islamic people, the Maulvis ?

As ridiculous as its sounds , 46 fatwas against a single child is scary pointing towards the prevalent misogyny and chauvinism , which doesn’t allow an individual to voice her opinions . Are we still living in stone age just wearing better clothes ?

Where do we head as a world if 46 fatwas are released against a child who sang against a globally blacklisted terrorist outfit .

The flag bearers of FOS and FOE are holding their golden silence onto their lips . Vested interests after all . If half of those who barked against our national heroes calling them internet trolls , could stand against these Maulvis and for the girl , we might become a better society someday , not plagued by pseudo secularism .

Written By:- Saptashree Tripathy

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