Yogi Decoded

The double standard we have been fed through media to such an extent that it all seems natural now.We never doubted the Secular Credentials of Nitish, Kejriwal or Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Did Yogi ever say – “Hindus have the first right on the country’s resources”?

No he didn’t.

Yet he is the most unsecular person breathing right now.

And a “Moderate” leader – Dr. Manmohan Singh got away, saying – “Minorities have first claim on the resources of India.”

Muslims must have first claim on resources: PM – Times of India

Not Poor, Not Destitute – Minorities.

And yet Yogi is a Hardliner.

Just think what our reactions would be if Yogi said – “Everyone in India is a Hindu”.

Turns out he did not.

But a “Moderate” leader – Sashi Tharoor did say – “We are all minorities in India.”

And we barely noticed.

Shashi Tharoor: We are all minorities in India

And yet Yogi is a Hardliner.

In fact Yogi is such a hardliner that he is blind to reforms and once said that – “Leave the Caste System to Hindus.”

Well he didn’t.

Turns out another “Moderate” leader – Mr. Nitish Kumar once said – “Leave Triple Talaq issue to Muslims to decide.”

#TripleTalaq: Leave it to Muslims to decide, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar tells Centre

No eyebrows are raised, when Nitish turns a blind to reforms.

And yet Yogi is a Hardliner.

And yes!

Don’t you recall the hue and cry Yogi made when a Hindu was not made a Vice President of India?

Well! You can’t.

Because no such thing happened.

But a “Moderate” leader did “FORECAST” that BJP will never make a “Muslim” a VP, and cried foul even when it did not happen yet.

This time – Our all time favorite, the crusader of anti-corruption, the one and only – Mr. Arvind Kejrival.

Modi will never make a Muslim the Vice President: Kejriwal hits out at ‘Hitler’ Jung | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

And yet Yogi is a Hardliner.

Now look back at the list –

The list doesn’t even include Lalu, Mulayam, Owaisi, Mamta Di, Amar Abdullah.

If these statements were made by “Moderates” like Nitish, can you even imagine to what extent Lalu or Didi have gone?

We have been jumping to conclusions, too quickly, based on incomplete facts which we are presented with for the vested interests we are not aware of.

Its time we stop doing that.

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