Anti-Romeo Squad: the best thing to have happened in UP.

The new government had declared in its election manifesto that it will deftly deal with UP’s failing Law and Order with an iron fist. And seems like they’re keeping their promise. UP’s current CM Yogi Adityanath has taken the state by storm just within 3 days of being sworn in as the CM.

UP is rather notorious for being the heaven for molesters and eve-teasers. So, rabid was the problem that people from other places of India looked down on UP as the land of hooliganism and dastardliness with women shivering as leaves when out in the open. Molesters and
Eve teasers almost rejoiced when former CM of UP Mulayam Singh Yadav once remarked that “ladkon se galti ho jaati hai”. This somehow summarises that sad state of affairs in the biggest province of the subcontinent.

The BJP had made this a major agenda in their manifesto and very vocally strong against this while campaigning for the state elections due held this year in UP. So, keeping their word and rewarding people a sigh of relief, the CM has blown the bugle, announcing the arrival of anti-romeo squads. These anti romeo squads will be out on the streets, hammering eve teasers and molesters, aiming to make the notorious UP which had seen the Bulandshahr rape case and cases as such a safe haven for women. Protecting and safeguarding women would be the prime agenda of this squad which, as the CM says will make UP great again. This policy will be a deterrent for those misogynists and chauvinists who regard women as something that can be used to satisfy their carnal desires and get sheer pleasure out of their desolation and pain. Though it may also affect some people who’re a genuine couple but overall this is a radical step to fight uncivilised men in the garb of being civilised.

In a document that has communal overtones written all over it–the manifesto has brought up issues like the Ram temple, triple talaq and Kairana “exodus”–it is not difficult to see the kind of provocation the BJP is hinting at by creating an anti-Romeo squad.

* Each team to consist of two policemen. Mostly one male and one female

* Two to three teams could be deployed in the jurisdiction of one police station

* Number of teams deployed would depend on the number of schools and colleges in the area

* They will move around near schools and colleges where there are a larger number of women

* Their task is to identify eve teasers and troublemakers in a crowd

* They will move around in uniform and in some cases in plain clothes

* Teams would comprise constables, head constables, ASI and SI

* Anti romeo squads can let off miscreants with a warning, can inform parents and even initiate criminal action depending on the seriousness of the case


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