The six letter monster, RESULT!!

A six letter word that can give any student the goose bump of their life is result.

 “Oh my God, it’s the result day!!! What if I fail to secure 95% marks in the exams?” Or sometimes,  “Your kid has secured 70%, don’t you feel Mrs Banerjee that it’s a damn poor marks for the pre-board exam of Class 10?” Even at times, “Which college will let you in with a stale 85% marks, kid you are going to end up nowhere in your life!”

At some point of life, we do come across such statements by people and thereby making results the second largest stress factor in a student’s life after the vast syllabus. We Indians are so possessed about results that not getting 90+% is an offence that let every person on the planet to judge your habits, opinions, outlooks, family background and character at one go. Very often we come across various memes like Sharma ji ka ladka on which we laugh our heads off and share along, are somewhat extracted from real  life itself.

From a very tender age, children are pushed into the rat race of competition, which generally starts as, narrating rhymes and with the child’s age, the radius of the rat race expands. Competitive spirit takes in and when a child is about ten or so, he or she sees everything on the basis of the report cards. Leave alone, other activities and hobbies; even education on the grounds of learning new things gets suffocated.

How many students visit the educational institutes for the joy of learning new things? One, two? Okay, I say a handful. What about the rest? Mostly come for good grades which will give them good jobs, a good-looking life partner and a settled life. Settle is a fantasy dimension whether it’s biscuit or bride; every parent wants to see in their child in.  In the desire of this, every year alarming number of students aged 16-18 are often subjected to undue pressure at home to succeed for concern is the pressure from parents to do well in the national board examinations, especially for Class XII or the entrance examinations of prestigious universities; when they don’t, suicide becomes a way out. In 2013 alone, 2,471 suicides were attributed to “failure in examination”.  Somehow, in the hunt of a white collar job, abilities that children have are murdered on the process for they know; they will get slap right away at home at mockery outside if they say they want to be a writer and not an engineer.

Dear parents, grades are undoubtedly important but not at cost of your child’s life. Tell them to be educated instead of mere literacy that will be reflected only in the terms of grades or percentage. There is no hard and fast rule that someone getting 70% will end up nowhere in life- may be their talent is in some other field, of which you might not know yet. Having an open conversation might help you seeing the future artist, writer, singer, sportsperson, chef and what’s not.  Abilities have no benchmark.

 Kids, don’t panic. After a stretch of ten years from now on, none will evaluate you on the percentages you’ve once scored in your school days. Grow up, life is much more than grades you’ve got in your report cards.

From the pen of Sumedha Banerjee.


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