Communities blamed, Anti Social elements had their last laugh.

A tragic accident took place on Friday, March 24th, 2017  at a small town, Farakka of Murshidabad district of West Bengal, India.

A girl of 11th standard returning from school at afternoon, around 1:30 pm was ran down by a fast moving truck and died on spot. The carcass was dragged some meters unless the locals protested that made the driver of the truck concerned and it’s helper run away from the spot leaving the truck there on spot.

But, what followed the tragic incident was a matter of great shock and concern that engulfed the sleepy town with fear and disconnected it from the rest of the world for a span of 12 hours.

After the locals witnessed the event, a few people tried chasing the driver and his man, but, it ran in vain. A few anti social mobs gathered the spot and began throwing stones and sticks at the truck thereby damaging it. It was not the end as the handful crowd grew into a fierce mob where they beat, threw stones, abused every people on spot. A few private buses were ablaze and the mobs spotted some government buses too. The passengers were forced to step down with their belongings and the wild mob burned them to ashes. In a span of some hours, seven logistics were burned into flames. The police reached the spot and the I.C. concerned was beaten and is reported to be in the local hospital.

None cared to inform the victim’s family or to send the body to the local morgue for post mortem. The Hindus blamed the Muslims and vice versa. Though, no murder was reported on spot so far, but the issue took the shape of a communal issue, that not just broke the harmony of the area but also resulted in fear in the  minds of people.

The communication was cut off and people weren’t allowed to use the highway . Lathi Charges harmed many innocent people and a few innocent people were even arrested with no allegations.

Our sincere prayers are with the victim’s family, whose loss can never be recovered by any words.

The way, the mob reacted instead of harmonizing among themselves at such hour was terribly alarming. The cold war, among the Hindu group and the Muslim group has intensified much more after this incident. Earlier too, such communal tensions were witnessed in the area. Religion is a set of rules humans are bound to follow, when religion is used as a weapon for mass destruction- the result are obviously not fair enough. Accidents at highways is no new in India, but at times issues arise of no issues as such. Sadly, Muslims are regarded as Communal and Hindus are claimed to be the vector of Gerua Terrorism; the anti social mobs always have the last laugh. The local authority pays no ear to such issues, saying it’s their private affair. Little do they know, such rubbish affairs are causing wide destruction of resources and are hampering the rate of nation’s progress at large. Seems so, it’s not much a matter of concerned for the beer-bellied officials who are happy in their own corrupted business. God Save Them!

From the pen of Sumedha Banerjee.

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