Snapchat , an application popularly known for those irritating dog filters , has sparked backlash on Social Media, when a former Snapchat employee  has alleged that Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel didn’t want to expand Snapchat in India citing poverty as the reason behind  it, and ever since the  statement sparked controversy, Snapchat has been in the denial mode on any such remarks made by it’s CEO.

Now taking the fact into consideration , the hole fiasco can be termed as a “well calculated risk” in terms of marketing strategy.Enterpruners like Mark Zuckerberg,Bill Gates , who look down to India as one of the most crucial market for their products, it’s very obvious that no CEO would want it’s company to be abhorred by the Indians.Even Google CEO on his visit to India asserted to name the next Android os after an Indian desert.As per a survey, 52 percent of Indian instant messaging users use Whatsapp ,while Facebook messenger is used by 42 percent ,followed by Skype used by 32 percent of Indians, whilst Snapchat is used by a mere 9 percent , they desperately want to leave an impression on the Indian market and they are about to .

After the remark, a large section of Indian took incharge to roast and humiliate Snapchat. They came up with a smiliar cliched plan, which was used to express their dissent against Snapdeal once.The plan ranged from , rating one star to boycotting Snapchat, some came with brilliant idea of installing Snapchat just to uninstall it , and express their anguish against the statement.Post statement affect to Snapchat was it’s increased number of downloads.Ironically some helped them to increase the number of downloads.

The whole debacle  would favour Snapchat.The issue was so hyped on Social media, that now a large section of Indians are aware of it’s existence.It’s estimated that by the end of this month , it would have a jump of approximately 3 percent , pertaining to it’s users.I recall a similar incident , where a large section of keyboard warriros wanted to boycott Chinese product , but they failed and then this issue was no where to be seen on the Social media.

Are those people suffering from short-term memory loss.These rants of dissent are temporar.”Persihable” the word , which is precise enugh to describe all the fuss regarding the statement and it would soon be forgotten.

More Dog filters on the way.



Written by,

Rihant Chhabra

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