Team India’s humiliating defeat has stunned the whole world . Even the winning side cannot believe the fact that world’s best team fell like a pack of cards . A lot of actions , reactions , shaming and trolling has followed this varshinf defeat from arch-rivals . Someone has to take the responsibility , and rightly so team India’s one of the most successful coach under whom eam india eemed invincible until June 18 , Anil Kumble stepped down from his post . But what creates a harakiri was Kumble’s tweet in which he posted a message biddding adieu to the coach-ship .


Apparently , all wasn’t well been the Indian coach and the skipper . According to a senior BCCI official , the Coach and the skipper have not been speking to each other since 6months , since the test series in England since January 2017 . Kumble is a legend in Indian Cricket , a man whose dedication and perseverance is unmatched and unheard off . Such was his passion that he even played n took wickets with a broken jaw . Virat is surely world’s best batsman today but he is known for his fiery temperament ! Though Virat’s side of story is yet not known but the way Kumble bid adieu was pugnacious and is one of the nadirs hit by Indian Cricket . It is said that Kumble’s no-nonsense and hard tasking behaviour was the reason players didn’t fancy hin . But one must not forget that the players are there to play cricket and not do cheerleading . When the team won’t need them anymore they’ll be thrown out an others will fill in their boots . Plus , as Sunil Gavaskar said , Kumble had to pay the price for being a disciplined and hard working man who didn’t let his boys go shopping by skipping the much needed practice . His dedication did weild results but that wasn’t enough to make him a darling of his players much to everyone’s chagrin .

Why Virat did what he did is a different story and there’s always your side , our side and the truth . But aren’t fruitful trees always have their boughs hanging down towards the earth ?

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