25  years , since the establishment of a complete diplomatic relation between INDIA and ISRAEL in 1992, the nation is going to witness a historic feat, when the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Israel on 4th of July, becoming the first ever Indian Prime Minister to do so.

The visit won’t only improve the ties between the two nations, but this visit also puts an end to India’s hypocritical attitude towards Israel. Israel has been the second largest supplier of weapons for India after Russia , but the Governmnet of India used to maintain a barrier , owing to the second largest Muslim Population of India. So Narendra Modi , calls an end to the vote bank politics policy as well which precluded an Indian PM to visit Israel.

Earlier this month,an Israeli business daily described Narendra Modi’s visit in an article ,quoting “Wake up ; the most important PM of the world is coming”.

The Israeli PM is extremely ecstatic on Modi’s visit, which he conveyed by a tweet :




On top of it, Israeli PM Netanyahu will receive PM Modi upon arrival at Airport, previously this special gesture has been performed only for US President and the Pope.


The India-Israel history :

India and Israel , both gained independence from the United Kingdom within months of each other, but the realtions were not always warm and remained the same for approximately 4 decades. India as a leader in the Non-Aligned Movement maintained close relations with the Arab and Soviet Union , while Israel looked forward to establish close ties with United States and Western Europe.


India maintained a distance with Israel until the late 1980’s  , but the bilateral activites increased in the following years.India allowed Israel to maintain a consulate in Mumbai , to facilitate the immigration of thousands of Indian Jews to Israel, and what followed is the golden era of India-Israel ties.

Both countries look upon themselves as democracies, threatened by the neighbours that fund and encourage terrorism , therefore both countries view this visit to establish a strategy to eradicate constant threatening terrorism.

Hope this visit benefits both the nations equally , and hope it does not take an era again for another Indian PM to visit Israel.

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