The Stalking Stigma

A 21 year old Delhi-based aspiring Air hostess, lost in the battle of life one day after she was stabbed by a guy called Mohammad Adil in Ram Nagar Colony,Delhi.A deep wound on her upper abdomen and intensive bleeding due to a slit wrist from the attack costed her life.The girl was pleading for help while onlookers passed by as if nothing’s happening.Touted as Dilwalon ka seher Delhi is left with no dil it seems.A city with no conscience is a dead city.Delhi has managed to disappoint again.

The “can’t take a no” syndrome has again proved fatal and I wonder how many lives will it cost in the near future.


Love or attraction, is always a blissful experience, and we’ve all done something silly to get even a glimpse of the special one , but there’s a thin line dividing, love and obsession. The obnoxious obsession , is nothing but a pathfinder  to  the world of cirme .To perfectly define , obsession is a catalyst in the chemical irreversible reaction, in which a normal person is being converted to a criminal.

The Obsession phase:

Bollywood love stories have been overhyping a sweet simple feeling of love and unlike the reel life , real life doesn’t always have a happy ending. “Rejection” a word which carries millions of emotions, the word responsible for suicides, deaths , murders etc.The hefty expectations followed by an absolute rejection, is usually not embraced with ease by everyone , and different people react differently  according to their doctrines.

Love truly and undoubtedly , the most divine feeling on the planet , is now looked upon as the most worrisome feeling. In the context of this murder, I fail to apprehend the callousness of the people around.Such apathy is nauseating while Delhi is India’s capial


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