Kashmir : The land of Sufism or Jihadi Terrorism

Miro-kashmir-protests-srinagarKashmir has been off late dominating the national headlines more than any other state , for not so right reasons . Kashmir , which was named after Sage Kashyap and had a history of Sufism had not become the breeding ground of terrorists and separatists . People may blame Pakistan’s continuous terror sponsorship in the valley or the successive failures of the Indian Leadership to settle the matter . But what today has really become an albatross around the neck of Kashmir is none of the aforementioned reasons , the prima facie reason for these undwindling flames of hatred is Islamic Terrorism or Wahabism. People majorly of Kashmir are so brain washed , tactfully done by the Hurriyat leadership who’re dubious with vested interests that they’ve begun hating every single non muslim around them. The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits must be taken into account for this fact to be proven. Islamic Terrorism , which is a brain washed form of Islam in which followers become blind in hatred for others has resulted in this crises . Plus add it to the illiteracy and unemployment of Kashmiris and the free flow of cash they get to indulge in various anti Indian activities , Kashmir today is ticking like a time bomb . Successive Indian governments at the centre have failed to amalgamate the Kashmiri consensus into Indianess and thus today this alienation concocted with Separatist agenda and Jihadi propaganda has spread it’s vicious fangs that’s biting innocents . Despite winning several wars against Pakistan, India has continually failed in bilateral after talks . The present Government which is in alliance with PDP in J&K is also a colossal failure in this regard . As they say hate invites hate and Kashmiris across the nation will be in the line of fire against Indians who see a major chunk of their tax paid money donated to Kashmir every now and then . The Government of India needs to realize that giving away large sum of money won’t solve the internal strife in Kashmir and demand for a free Kashmir because it has more to do with religion than anything else . Bilateral talks are done with leaders not with terrorists. Bilateral talks are done in the court room not in the war field . At this scenario of do and die, giving a free hand to the Indian Army is the only solution. Else Kashmir would be doomed and so would be India . Because Kashmir is strategically important for us and guards us from the enemy. So now it’s our turn to set the army free on these Jihadis and save our Kashmir .

Jai Hind .

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