The first thought that comes on one’s mind whenever he/she hears about politics is most of the time negative in nature.However this notion isn’t misplaced because politicians have themselves created this ugly notion due to their misdeeds.Our country witnesses politics on various issues like agriculture,religion,women safety,economy,etc but one thing that we all agree on is to keep national security away from this mess.Unfortunately UPA government who ruled our country for decades played dirty politics with national security.Power by any means was their only priority.Appeasement of muslims in the garb of secularism was one of their tools which harmed our security beyond repair.So here we are going to shed some light on one of the many such incidents.Yes we’re talking about Samjhauta Express bomb blast case. The Samjhauta Express is a train that runs between Delhi and Attari in India and Attari and Lahore in Pakistan two times a week.On 19 February 2007-a bomb blast rocked Diwana station near Panipat in Haryana,killing 68 people,mostly of which were Pakistani civilians and security personnel while 50 were injured. Under UPA government,the National Intelligence Agency(NIA) had arrested Sadhvi Pragya and Colonel Purohit on October 2008 accusing them of being involved in the Samjhauta blast as well as the Malegaon blast case.Now here comes the twist in the tale.Sadhvi Pragya was released on bail in 2017 after the NIA was unable to find any evidence of her role in the terrorist activities.Now the real questions which arises here is who were the real culprits behind these attacks?On whose orders were Sadhvi and Colonel Purohit framed without any evidence?Who tried to save the culprits?All the answers of above questions can be cleared if we go by the latest explosive investigation by famous news channel Times Now.Lets look into the investigation and its shocking disclosures. Times Now have come up with an exclusive video were Safdar Nagori,former General Secretary of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India(SIMI),revealed details of why Islamic terrorists targeted the Samjhauta Express in 2007 while under a narco analysis test.He reveals that blasts were carried out in what he terms as a retaliation of Gujarat riots(2002),demolition of Babri mosque and 1993 Mumbai riots.He also revealed that Hindus of different parts of the country were his targets.Gujarat,Mumbai,Meerut and Hashimpora were few of those targets. 

After the newsbreak reputed defense analyst Maroof Raza accused Congress of been soft on Pakistan.Major General(Retd.)GD Bakshi have accused it as a cover up with a malicious intent to subvert the truth.Senior Congress leaders are running away from answering any question regarding the shocking expose as expected. Now the question arise here in who will return 8 precious years of life of innocents who were falsely framed?Who will deliver justice for the families of deceased?Who will pay for all the unbearable atrocities on Colonel Purohit?Will politicians responsible for these mishaps ever face the law?Perhaps,we the people of this great nation can clean this dirt if we choose our representatives carefully.We need to be well informed.Representatives who puts national security as their top priority and not a prop for petty politics.

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Written by- Chintan Rohit Kahar

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