Sanskari Bollywood!!

Central Bureau of Film Certification or CBFC has been embroiled in a lot of controversies ever since Mr.Nihalani induction as the new censorship . His awry attitude to uphold the sanskar and parampara of the subcontinent and knack of forcing it down the throats of film makers , in an art where liberty is prima facie continues to everyone chagrin . Such are his usool and adarsh that he now declared to the nation that scenes showing alcohol and cigarettes will be chopped and movies having such scenes will be awarded an ‘A’ or adult certificate . Apparently for him Mukesh dying before every movie in every theatre of this nation wasn’t enough. And fairly so . Because daaru and sutta are so against the cultural ethos of the country. So what if Devraj Indra drank madira while seeing celestial nymphs dance before him and people some centuries ago in this very country wrote Kamasutra , these are probably attempts by imposters to malign the cultural ethos of the country which must be thwarted till they reduce to oblivion .
Our Sanskari and Well behaved censor board feels the word ‘Intercourse’ is extremely unpalatable to be shown in a movie. In a country with a population of 1.3 billion ! Ha ! See I had already mentioned Indians are a too sanskari and shy lot of people. The Lipstick Under My Burkha movie was another attempt to way ward the sanskari mahilayen of the country towards vices such as drinking and smoking by some new-age feminazi . So being the flag bearer of usool , adarsh and parampara that Mr. Nihalani is he decided to give the movie and it’s makers the time of their life . But but , one puny head like me and my fellow lot of Indians may question what was so Sanskari about movies like Grand Masti and Kya Supercool Hai Hum that they were passed by the Sanskar ki Murat Mr. Nihalani . Oh ye puny heads , didn’t y’all know that they were holy chants of the almighty where phrases like kaise dun and kitne bade hain were whispers of the holy gospel . How dare y’all raise a finger on the holier than thou Mr. Nihalani ?
I just hope Mr. Nihalani keeps being the Sanskari baba that he is and continues to teach fellow fiberal Indians . Uff Mr. Nihalani , yeh aapke usool aur Adarsh , Aloknath Ji se bhi behtar hain !
Written by-Saptashree Tripathy

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