Why Have We Always Ignored The North-East India?

If I were to define “Elections”, I’ll simply call it the Barrier. Well confusing? Any Election is a barrier, which perfectly divides the identity of a Politician. Prior to the elections, it’s perquisite to treat the voters as supremo and abide by every words of them, but the supremo switches to slaves, once the election is over. I can site it by numerous examples, but I’ll come to our primary concern now.

We all Know, Gujarat will have it’s own State Legislative Elections or General Elections by December, and political gimmicks are at its peak. Without taking much time let’s jump into one such political propaganda which will hung your head with shame. Assam is prone to natural disasters like floods and erosion every year due to sufficient amount of rainfall in monsoon season in the state and its neighboring seven states. Four North-East states were affected namely Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur . The North-East floods were caused by overflowing of Bhramaputra river. By 14th of July, 2017 the flood, resulted in 85 casualties, leaving behind more than 5 lakh homeless people.

The cries of the victims weren’t so intense I reckon, as it failed to reach the deaf ears of our elected members of the Central Government as no aid was provided to our brothers and sisters in need. A similar kind of situation is currently prevailing in Gujarat. Flood took away lives of 83 individuals.The PM called for a whooping aid of 500 crores for those affected by the Flood.


In India : Plight of the people is inversely proportional to the days for An Election. The casualties and the situation was more adverse in the North East, but the government chose to turn their backs on them. But if you think it Geographically, no one can blame the government. Gujarat – Delhi Distance is less than that of Delhi and the North East state. So I get it now why Gujarat Flood is taken into consideration prior to the North East flood.

Stop the appeasement politics BJP. Don’t make our brothers and sisters of North-East feel discarded, they are equally Indians as anyone from any other state.

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