13 Year old Raped,Dies of Multiple Organ Failure

Over the years, I’ve seen many keyboard protectors of Women, and as a contributing member of the progressing Society its ecstatic to see, Yes people are Coming forward in the pursuit to make the world a better place to live in. Let me come straight to the point. Our outrage on Rape is Sexist, and is indeed very much gender biased. Want to know why?


A 13 year old Mumbai boy succumbed to multiple organ failure, following a suicide attempt after being raped by four men. The boy named one of the assaulters Zahid.No arrests have been made so far. According to an earlier report in Mumbai Mirror, the 13-year-old boy, a Class VIII student, was admitted to Sion hospital in Mumbai in a critical condition on the night of July 12 after he swallowed rat poison. He was later moved to the intensive care unit of the KEM hospital on July 20. The poison led to liver failure. In most such cases, the kidneys get affected next. He had been on life support for a few days. Yesterday, his blood pressure dropped drastically, before he died. 

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, 14,913 cases were registered under POCSO(Protection of children from sexual Offences) in 2015, a rapid rise as compared to 8,904 cases in 2014 .

We won’t witness any candle light March, Media houses covering the savagery of the issue. No one will call for any amendments in laws of Rape against Men. While feminazis continue to peddle their vitriolic pedagogy against men and their very basic entitlement to some human rights , many men continue to suffer in silence and solitude with no one hearing their pleas and cries . Yes , men get raped too , sometimes to death .

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