‘Secularism is a thought, it’s not just a word to cover up corruption’: Top quotes from Nitish Kumar’s speech in Bihar assembly

Newly-appointed Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sailed smoothly through the crucial floor test in the Bihar state assembly with support from the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP), after he parted ways with the Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance). After the successful floor test, the six-time Bihar CM took on his opponents in a 10-minute speech in the Bihar assembly.

Here are the top 10 quotes from his speech in the Bihar Legislative Assembly on Friday:

1. The mandate given by the people of Bihar was given to me for my work, for my service towards them and for the transparency of my government.

2. I tried to run a government (grand alliance government) by following all the norms and principles set by the alliance while tackling and solving all sorts of problems, despite one party (RJD) in the alliance continuously giving out statements and comments against me.

3. Congress would not have received more than 15-20 seats, I took their tally to 40 seats in the assembly. I even asked the Congress party to intervene and find a middle ground as the mandate had been received for us to work not leisure

4. Public is the biggest court, and we are committed towards working for the people and not to serve one particular family.

5. I have taken this decision in the interest of Bihar, for development of Bihar.

6. Secularism is a thought, it’s not just a word to cover up corruption. They (RJD) use secularism to hide their sins and wrong practices.

7. Anyone who does politics to gain wealth and make money will not receive my support.

8. I thank the BJP, LJP, HAM, RLSP and all other Independents who have supported JD(U), we will carry on the developmental work for Bihar.

9. Its for the first time that both the state and centre have same government. It will take Bihar to new heights and we will not tolerate corruption and injustice.

10. I will speak in the assembly and outside, so beware as i will show some people their true faces in the mirror.Nitish Kumar oath ceremony

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