What’s on my mind!!

IMG_20170729_125414.jpgDear men,
“Hey there, What’s on your mind?” “Many a things: thrill, ambition, creativity, desires and anger.” I wish my social networking site knew this. I’m grateful that it provides me a platform for exchanging my views and connects me with the world out but then, sometimes it kicks on guts and tries to spank my butt.
What happened? Feeling offended with my one sentence? Wait, but when I was bullied sexually on social media sites, I didn’t put up a post of feeling offered with Ms. X and 32 others.
It is the first time that it happened. A man, popping out of no where claims to hook up with me and saying that he can satisfy my hormones. Well, are you a steroid gentleman?
I post my half bust portrait triggers men that my message box gets flooded by texts like, “hi beautiful”, “You’re so hot”, “you drive me crazy”. And then, if I ignore, I’ll be called, unsocial, heartless or at worse a whore. And if I talk with politeness I will be invited on their beds.
What makes you think I’m so vulnerable? Am I a cotton rug doll or am I selling my body on social media? No right. Then what makes you think that I’ll be laid down so easily.
If I share a dank meme, does it imply that I’m begging for sex. If I post a bold quote, does it imply that I’m a whore and yes, if I’ve a voluptuous body, does it imply that I’m inviting you in between my legs? I hope the answer is no.
Men if you can’t be gentlemen least don’t be insane. How much you know a woman you see on social media? When you’ll stop sexualizing us and admit that we’re also humans who have nothing to do with your penis or assets.
Not all women offer sex. Thereby, stop this sexchat business.
If you want sex, find yourself a partner who will be okay with it but don’t throw it on any random woman you meet online.
The problem is, some women are born with pride and desires which are much intense than the force called lust you build in your organ.
Be a man with brain.
Warm Regards,
A female user of social network.

© Sumedha Banerjee

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