a condom in the pocket… JUST IN CASE!!

condom-21923192.jpgThe other day, I was traveling to New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata in AC 37A. The bus was quite crowded while I boarded in. The weather was quite pleasant outside- drizzle, kids going to school, people gossiping with a newspaper on their hand. It was just another day.

I noticed two guy in school uniform standing by me. One had look of a nerd and the other carried a, “I’m a spoiled brat” attitude with trousers tucked low waist and shirt hanging freely outside the black trousers. They seemed to know each other and by their physique and their talks, I could say that they weren’t beyond 17. Suddenly one boy, teased the other naughtily – “Strawberry flavoured haan..” and my eyes, as a reflex, went in his wallet. The tiny packet having a bold picture and there was no second doubt that he had a packet of condom in his wallet, lying casually among the notes of 100 bucks. The owner gave the later a strange smile and said, “This… Just in case.”

Being hit by puberty, the generation needs anything and everything at their fist- be amusements, money, popularity, partners, driving license, pegs of liquor, cigarettes, drugs or sex. Everything at a same time!
The kids (well, any school goer is a kid in my eyes) have beautiful definition of life, which I regret are mere illusions. They don’t get the depth of situations they’re in and as a result they involve in some activities that do harm them physically and mentally resulting in harms which are hard to fathom. From drug or porn addiction, the kids are also addicted to sex! Teenagers getting involved in it as if they need to explore and break their virginity as early as possible.
Pre marital abortion and direct exposure to STDs are some fatal consequences of this. In addition, everything has got time for itself. Student life is the time for establishing career. I’m not against the fact that sex should be banned- why should it be? It’s a right we all beings should enjoy but things at hand are prior.
Teenagers know less yet try to explore more of unknowns. That’s the reason why, they land up into various troubles be emotional, financial or biological.
A condom in wallet suits well but it should be used for a concrete motive, not simply for “Just in case.”

© Sumedha Banerjee

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