Feminism or Feminazism 

Feminism is a range of political , social and economic movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights and equalities for women . These include seeking and establishing rights of women at par with men .
Feminist movements did and continues to demand right to vote , equal wages , autonomy of body , societal and political rights for women and protested against rape , molestation , domestic violence and any such cases that victimized women .

Feminism according to Oxford Dictionary is  the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. So what happened now that the word ‘Feminist’ has become a cuss word now and modern liberal thinking women are not associating themselves with the word anymore ? 
Feminism has off late become the garb of male bashing and hatred . Egalitarianism which was once the suo motto of Feminism has been replaced by male shaming and bashing . The modus operandi of so called feminist women has become to be biased and harrass men . Women who are in dire need of feminism are yet to the see the light . Yet privileged women use it as a weapon to cry foul for their malicious intents . People who don’t  agree with their attitude are branded as patriarchal and chauvinistic . The sense of egalitarianism and compassion for fellow humans has evaporated from feminism . The Jasleen Kaur case and the Rohtak Sisters rape case are prima facie examples of how deep rooted this hatred for men has been all along . Yes patriarchy and gender bias are main reasons for this rabid contempt yet the word feminism means equality and not sense of pseudo superiority . Both the sexes are required to germinate and culminate life . No one is superior . But sadly that hasn’t been the case now anymore .
The recent debate on Menstruation Leave pioneers the downfall of 

Feminism as a movement to establish equality within the genders . Period Leave completely undoes all the great achievements of feminism which was aimed at ending gender bias. The cognizance of true feminism has been replaced by Feminazism , which has made it repulsive and vitriolic.  Women who need feminism aren’t getting the benifit of it . A woman is entitled to live her life the way she wants yet we need to understand that a progressive society is one which has egalitarianism in it’s core and is bereft of any bias .

© Saptashree Tripathy

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