Is Television News Dead?

In an era of social media , where we are just one click away from any incident , prevailing at any corner of the world.The print media and the television news , have lost its charm. Yes television news is dead to a large extent,and the industry fears it’s extinction
Imagine there’s been a terrorist attack.We see online portals reporting the incident , even before the television reporters arrive to the spot.Telecasting a particular incident, requires time,and by that time the news is all over social media,which has been steps ahead because of very obvious reason,” Easily accessible”.At work,on a vacation one thing which doesn’t leave you is the humongous social media.It gives you detailed information of everything.The online portals also make live streaming available .So where will one feel the urgency to switch on the television sets?
Now it’s about the shows and would cite the whole situation by an example.News Hour debate has been a breathtaking show, where Indians awaited for those magical words , “the nation wants to know” .Then the official page of Times Now started posting short clips of the show,and the youtube channel had the entire debate.So one is not restricted to a particular time , you can watch and rewatch the show anytime , anywhere.This comfort of the audience is one of the primary reason of the downfall of television news because people have an escape from the rigidity of time.
Internet and Social Media are the tools of future. If we are tiny dots, internet is the string connecting us, and will supersede television both as source of information and entertainment .

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