Prime Minister Modi today took a jibe on outgoing VP Hamid Ansari in his farewell speech.PM aslo observed that Hamid who dedicated most of his part working for minority community and in middle east can now openly speak as there’s no constitutional responsibility on him.Modi stated that Ansari have deve a particular mindset due to his years of work in middle-east.Earlier Ansari in a interview sparked controversy where he stated that muslims are feeling unsafe due to rising intolerance in the country.Ansari was aslo infamous for his handling in RS were Lokpal bill was stucked which many termed as unprofessional.Ealier Finance Minister Arun Jaitely too indirectly hinted towards his role in blocking some key bills.Though both Modi and Jaitely praised his work and wished him all the best for future.There are reports that Ansari’s handling of RSTV was unprofessional as it was biased towards anyone not towing towards left ideology.Famous Advocate Prasant Umrao have tweeted that he favored left leaning editors misusing his position and investigation can be set up against the same.According to him  investigation wasn’t possible against him due to his constitutional position but now he can face the inquiry.Interestingly VP have more financial flexibility than President as the former jave ot look after RSTV nda its management.According to him his recent statement is in accordance to it.Earlier famous journalist and founder of Republic TV also asked Ansari if he felt so ‘uneasy’ about Muslims in India,why didn’t he givee up perks of being VP earlier and speak earlier?


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