Unsung Heroes: The least praised Groomer.


Munna Saloon is owned by Mr. Munna Thakur. Thakur who is 40 now, has lot to say about himself. The otherwise quiet man said, “I was born in a poor family and was the eldest of five siblings, he said. I learned the art of trimming hair, beard and nails from my father, Ramaserwar Thakur who used to visit every doorstep of Farakka Barrage Township on Sundays to trim people’s hair. People those days didn’t prefer salons”

Thakur owns a shop at the local market and earns almost ₹ 20,000 a month. He is the most popular barber in the entire town and masters at the art of trimming men’s hair and beard in various styles and all at an affordable rate. His business includes dying hair, body massage and bleaching of face. Apart from being a gent’s salon, young children from the town are his customer as well. His world is confined to his shop and other cosmetics products, 4 chairs,  a couple of mirror, a rusted ceiling fan and a small tv set which is always on with either cricket matches or Bollywood movies, He has an interesting story to say about himself. When asked about his profession, he said, “I’m born in a cast of lawwa or barbers. It is my family profession. My grandfather and my father were barbers. It is the only thing I’ve learn in my life so far. Well, its like, the profession chose me.” Thakur is hopeful about his children. He says that he don’t want to see them rotting in the business of grooming people’s bodies with a tag of being called as a lawwa.

There are so many unsung heroes breathing in our society who serve us without getting a word of appreciation. May be, it’s high time for us to notice such souls like these for not all heroes wear capes.

In this snap, Thakur is at work trimming a boy’s hair.


||Sumedha Banerjee||

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