Here’s why Isha Gupta’s insta pics are anything but feminism !

Bollywood actress and model Esha Gupta , who came to limelight mostly because of her uncanny resemblance to Hollywood starlet , Angelina Jolie has taken Instagram by storm off late . Her racy pictures have become the talk of the town . Anything posted on social media has two facets . While some cheered her looks and beauty , there were few others who resorted to slut shaming and name calling . 


While slut shamers had a field day shaming an actress who was just doing it’s job , Ms. Gupta took the notch higher with her response in the garb of feminism . Feminism is completely about egalitarianism and these pics denote anything but that . 

Though she tagged her response as life being too short and laugh it off that surely didn’t have the essence of the tagline she wrote.  Instead it reeked the stench of pseudo feminism which is the counter product of patriarchy . This didn’t prove her point to be the difference  . Slut shamers had a field day again and lewd comments flowed in abundance.  Media lauded the lady and it seemed like some cheap tactics to garner attention . Had she given a mature response to these slut shamers it would have been laudable . Feminism is anything but nudity and neo-feminists need to understand that .

Feminism is about providing equality irrespective of  gender lady , not posting nude pics on social media as a response . It somehow comes across as a tactic to garner more response and bask in the publicity here .

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