Post brutally murdering his GF’s Ex-BF , this psycho is challenging Rajasthan Police via Facebook .

Love , is most of the time an extreme emotion . While love makes you benevolent and generous towards the person you’re in love with , at times it can also become extreme when jilted. To the extent that one can get her ex murdered and run over a vehicle on him .

In a shocking paradoxical incident , a man from Sriganganagar , Rajasthan murdered his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend ran a vehicle over the victim mutilating his body . This 24 year-old named Deepak Kumar Malik , Rajasthani guy from Sonipat had also thrown an open challenge towards Sriganganagar police on facebook to catch him if they can . While the girl has been arrested , he is on a run .

He has been constantly updating his facebook statuses challenging the police to arrest him . From declaring about his crime on facebook and how he is going to avenge the misdemeanor his Girlfriend has faced in the hands of police , the boy has done it all .

That’s not all , the guy also challenged the police officer in charge of the case and has taken his name openly on facebook .

Notorious for his love for arms and ammunitions as seen in the above pics the guy has thumped his chest warning others to wait and watch what else he has in store .

The love of his life , his girlfriend named Indubala has been arrested on July 31 on charges of murdering her ex-boyfriend Vinay Beniwal .

In a Hindustan Times Report , officer Incharge of the Sriganganagar police station Tulsidas Purohit said ; 

“A badly maimed body was found in Sriganganagar a few days ago. It was later identified as that of Vinod Beniwal, a resident of Haryana. During investigation we came to know about the involvement of Malik and Indubala in the case.
Indubala invited Beniwal to her house where he was offered alcohol. She then drove an inebriated Beniwal to a deserted area where Malik shot him in the head. Later, Indubala drove a car over Beniwal’s body several times to make it look like an accident.”
The police are on a lookout and have 4 teams assigned to capture the excuse . This wasn’t a case of love for sure . It was a case of twisted mind out to make a cold blooded statement . We hope that the accused are met with the harshest of punishment. 

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