The Indian Struggle With Sex Toys 

Indians are a shy lot of people . So shy , that we are a bustling population of 1.25 billion . Sex is often a hush hush topic in India and sex toys are a taboo . This has put the Urban Indian Population with fetishes for experiments on bed in a fix.  

Anyone who dares to defy the existing norms of the society is looked down upon and the word “SEX” raises quite a few eyebrows setting the tongues wagging . In 2015 , e-commerce websites e-tailing sex toys to Indians were under a scanner after claims that it violates article 377 , a draconian law that bans any sexual activity that are against the law of nature . So it’s natural that there was petition filed in a Delhi Court by Apex Court Lawyer Suhas R Joshi allegedly stating that “selling sex toys and products like Anal Lube , desensitiser and spray etc. amounted to abetting acts under Section 377 , besides being allegedly in breach of other provisions related to public health and decency”.

Ironically India has been a large market for sex toys that add a supposed zing to one’s sex life and recent reports state that Indians buy a large number of sex toys and many are into BDSM . 

This hypocrisy in the garb of Sanskar and Adarsh hasn’t dettered people from engaging in some sexual adventures . Moreover the more we try to shush people for talking about SEX , the more we suspectible we make our society into cases of sex gone wrong. Talking , thinking and performing the eternal dance of intimacy designed by mother earth is not a sin nor taboo . In our culture , sexual energy has been described as the highest form of energy and it’s time we embrace SEX and some kink that people like to associate themselves with . That way we can truly be a progressive society . So next time you feel bore in your sex life don’t forget to grab a toy and enjoy your fetishes !

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