The Vicious Trap of Blue Whale Challenge claims one more life in West Bengal 

Another case of death due to the online blue whale challenge has come into light from West Midnapore district , West Bengal . A class 10 student choked himself to death while completing the tasks assigned in the blue whale challenge which culminates into suicide . 

The 14-yr old identified as Ankan covered his head with a plastic bag tied tightly around his neck with a nylon rope to finish the deadly challenge states reports .

According to the victim’s father , on Saturday he denied lunch after returning from school saying he would take it after a bath . Later , he was found lying unconscious amd motionless on the floor and was declared dead on arrival when rushed to the hospital .

As per the reports he was last seen playing the blue whale online challenge . This notorious game has claimed 150 lives in Russia and Europe so far .

This is not the first incident of the deadly challenge which culminates into suicide in India . Earlier on Thursday a 13 year old had tried to jump from the 3rd floor of this school building while finishing of this challenge , who was saved by his teacher and friends who intervened on time.

On August 1 a 14-yr old jumped of from.the 7th floor of this building to complete this challenge in Mumbai .

The horrifying challenge initially asks the participants to draw a whale on a price of paper and then carve it out on their body , then watching a horror movie alone , so on and so forth . The tasks finally culminates into the final challenge to commit suicide .

We request parents , teachers , friends and well wishers to speak to children , keep an eye on them and comfort them psychologically so that they don’t become another victim of this psychotic game.

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