​BJP’s Silent Fight Against Reservation?

The prolonged battle with caste based Reservation seem a distant battle.
Initiated as a method ,for the upliftment of underprivileged, it’s now a ploy for the Political parties.The Chaos Reservation has lead to is monumental, and no party can directly refrain reservation scheme blatantly.

Over the years we’ve seen several group of people demanding for reservation.On being denied, unrest prevails.Goons vandalise public property, and thus everyone is affected.
The recent case of Maratha in Maharashtra, demanding reservation,and their demand being accepted came as a shock, but the tale doesn’t end here.Over the years Patidars in Gujarat ,Jats in Haryana,Gujjars in Rajasthan

Jats again in Rajasthan and Kapus in Andhra Pradesh, have all come forward to seek the extra perk of Reservation,and shockingly,they all have been sanctioned their demands .
We are doomed as a nation it seems, but turning the coats,we have a twist to this Reservation saga.

Ever questioned,why the government accepts every demand pertaining Reservation?
‌Sitback and watch,more groups rising to the occasion and will asking reservation.

it’s crystal clear, no political party can balanlty support or withrdaw reservation for two obvious reasons.Firstly the fear of losing the throne,and secondly the unrest.The outrage would be inexplicable. So the ray of light in the dark is our Supreme Court.
To uphold the reservation,the only possible way is a Supreme Court verdict, and with every second group demanding for reservation, Supreme Court might jump in.
This might be a weird observation, but at the end the only way out is a Supreme Court verdict, and the insurgency to curb caste based Reservation is on a rise.

Let’s hope for the best .

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