Words of relevance from the master wordsmith

India’s first ever Nobel Laureate Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore was a master wordsmith . The man’s mightier than sword , pen had yeilded supreme craftsmanship over words and wove them into fine literature . From history to fantasy his genius jotted it all. Not just as the author of national anthem of two countries but also his Korno-Kunti songbaad to his beautiful poems to his masterpiece​ Geetanjali , his mighty pen and brain had mastery over an array of topics . Even 76 years after the man left for his heavenly abode his words continue to inspire millions . Here are some classic quotes by the master wordsmith himself that reek knowledge , wisdom , enlightenment and most importantly life.

On love ;

On Friendship ;

On Parenting ;

On the true nature of happiness ;

When oblivion is the new horizon ;

On the magic called life ;

About mother nature ;

Thank you Kabiguru for your magical words that continue to inspire us !

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