​How Congress lost Gujarat for a RS seat

Gujarat have history of easy elections as far as Rajya Sabha(RS)is concerned.But this time it was different.Back door channels were invisible for the first time.Not only Gujarat no RS seat have witnessed such a ruthless fight anywhere across India till date.
Due to a strong majority 2 out of the 3 RS seats were considered to go to BJP in Gujarat RS elections and 1 to Congress therefore BJP fielding 3rd candidate would have been considered a stupid move until Amit bhai Shag came into the picture.Amit Shah poached Congress’ MLAs by using Vaghela who is considered as a coup master of Gujarat due to his past actions.Vaghela and his 10 MLAs parted its way with Congress leaving Congress in a shock.Congress who had power of 57 MLAs considered the 3rd seat as a easy victory due to the winning mark which is only about 45 votes.But this coup spoiled Congress’ arithmetics which resulted in disastrous moves which would harm Congress’ prospects incredibly for the upcoming assembly elections of Gujarat.Ahmed Patel who was once considered most powerful person after Gandhi family have been now humbled significantly by Amit Shah.It is believed that Patel was the one who literally called the shots during UPA government.Framing Shah in encounter cases is believed to be his plan to target Modi.Now the same Patel was seen pleading his MLAs to save his seat.It is reported that he cried in front of his MLAs and asked them to forgive him for his past mistakes before voting took place.
        The seat which was considered as an easy victory was now witnessing a ruthless fight thanks to Amit Shah and  his strategies.Though Patel won the seat but the moves he took to save his seat would cost them Gujarat in the coming days.Patel managed to poll out only 44 votes against required votes of 45 and he should have lost his seat in the second pref elections but the cancellation of 2 votes from Congress’ MLAs by EC saved him.In order to secure his seat Patel sent all the Congress MLAs to a luxurious resort in Bengaluru.Many considered this move as an masterstroke stroke before RS elections as it was believed that more than 25 MLAs were considering to break ties with Congress.Sure it was a masterstroke as far as saving a RS seat is considered but it can prove to be a disastrous move as far as assembly elections are considered which is due in December this year.
           This move of Congress has not gone well with people of Gujarat who were facing one of the worst flood in the history of Gujarat specially the northern part.They expected their representatives to help them in such condition.Banaskantha district was the worst affected one among other districts.4 out of 9 assembly seats have Congress MLAs as their representatives and all of these four were busy partying in Bengaluru while their respective constituencies  reeling under severe flood.Dhanera and Kankrej,the worst affected constituencies were also represented by Congress MLAs.On the other hand BJP was seen on a mission mode to provide relief materials to the affected peoples.CM Vijay bhai Rupani parked himself in Banaskantha district for 5 days to ensure the relief process don’t get stuck.Loads of materials were sent from Gandhinagar office of BJP.PM’s tour and announcement of package will also add to BJP’s prospects for the upcoming assembly elections.More than 1200 electricity strips were repaired and restarted which were closed down to flood.More than 95% of roads which were either flushed down or destroyed due to floods have been either repaired or replaced with the new ones.All these will help BJP immensely.Only factor which was hindering BJP’s prospects was Patidar agitation which have been humbled down significantly.Most of the local Congress Patidar leaders who won their constituencies during Patidar agitation are now rejoining BJP which signals which way the direction of the wind is flowing in Gujarat.Congress is still under the illusion of reviving its KHAM(Kshatriya,Harijan,Adivasi,Muslim)vote bank model.Several prominent Kshatriya and Adivasi leaders have joined BJP from all the parts of Gujarat giving a huge blow to Congress’ chance of reviving KHAM  vote bank.
         Even during Patidar agitation it was considered that BJP would win assembly elections due to its strong hold on urban constituencies,consolidation of OBC votes towards BJP due to patidar agitation and weak organization strength of Gujarat Congress but now one can easily say that Congress have made BJP’s mission 150 a easy target due to its own disastrous moves.BJP can break its pasr records and can touch 150 seats on its own easily thanks to Congress’ disastrous moves.



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