Drifting Apart…!!!


What thought comes initially in your mind when you read the statement, “Drifting apart”. Do you think I mean, drifting apart from lovers or best friends. I’m sorry but it’s not related with them. Yes, we’re drifting apart but from our families and honestly there’s no body to hold the blame.
Family is the initial support system a child gets where s/he is born and eventually grows. It is almost impossible to think of a life without family. Family is perhaps the most supportive and the most selfless bond you’ll ever get. Then where it’s going downhill all of a sudden?
This generation has time for everything… friends, hangout, pleasures, adventures but not for family. Most teenagers and youth now a days, are keeping their families at bay for they feel it as a bunch overprotective backdated people with potential to ruin their reputation in their friends gang. The former are growing disrespectful and they’re being just mean. Whenever parents advice them they listen to half and retain even less of it. Kids now a days are so bombarded with technology that they misuse it in every possible way, be their mental health, physical health or other issues. Depression is an epidemic. Youths are getting into drugs and other fatal addictions. In such scenario, when family comes for their rescue they simple shoo the later off.
Teenagers feel themselves superior and don’t pay heed to their families. Families on the other hand, loose their mind and begin blaming the former, which gives rise to domestic quarrels and the worse, breaking of the purest bond- bond between a child and the parents.
But who are to be blamed? The social media sites that keep the kids hooked in for hours or the lack of flexibility  that parents take to bridge out the generation gaps. Or simply, vis a vis communication we’re lacking?
Just a random thought, when was the last time you can remember of having an outing with family or even a family dinner, keeping that  beautiful smart phone aside? Think for rare occasions needs remembrance.
Possible solutions are needed for this gap which is going on increasing at a fair rate in most of households.
Both the ends need to compromise some thing or the other. One shouldn’t expect the family to let go of their kids or the kids to be aloof from the changes of the generation.
A proper negotiation helps a lot in such situations. Good and productive talks with no slaps no pressurization. Violence is never a solution.
The parents can share their experiences and thoughts with the children and also their concerns and hopes. Teenagers on the contrary need not to fear their parents and share every little things with family. A transparency is needed.
Dear readers, spend this weekend with your family, keeping off your cellphones. Talk, try to bridge the gap for drifting apart. Family is the best thing a person can ever get, don’t let any petty misunderstanding ruin this.
Give it a try, you probably don’t know what miracles a transparent conversation can have.
© sumedha banerjee

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