Faulty Parenting and Indians 

Today ace cricketer Virat Kohli has shared a video on Instagram which has gone viral . The video calling which disturbing would be an understatement is about a small kid being thrashed and scared by her mother while being taught by her. Here’s the video: 


In the video the child can be seen intimated , aghast , begging for mercy while her mother unfazed by her plight keeps on hitting her asking her about the numbers she is ruthlessly trying to teach her , all the while recording a sadistic video of it. The fact that Indians think it’s ohk to thrash their children in order to make them learn is downright disgusting . Every child has it’s own specialists and knack of picking of things. Forcefully trying to run words , numbers and alphabets down their throats will only make them scared of studies and would alienate them . Not to mention the fucked up self esteem they would grow with where they would think it’s ohk if someone hits them in future . In the wake of child abuse cases that are on a rise in the country parents are considered to be the safest haven for kids but sadly not here . 

My take on this :

The kid is definitely smart for her age . Because she is articulate in how she’s feeling and how she should be treated . She voices her pain and agony and literally begs her mother to teach her with love. She could pronounce her words and the numbers correctly.  Just with little careful handling at a fragile age as this the child would be good to go . 

In this age where there’s an existential crisis resulted out of cut throat competition parents think they’re raising machines and not kids . But even machines come with a handle with care warning . Even a lion starts behaving like a cat in a circus under fear of getting beaten black and blue . But are we animals ? We are blessed with intelligence and sense . Is this how we utilise them ? 

Physical and emotional abuse of any kind for any matter is simply not OKAY . Because that ruins a child’s mental health . The children end up growing into violent and sadistic individuals . Children have impressionable minds and such violence casts a long lasting impact on their minds wanting them to inflict the same pain they grow through at schools and homes on others , in most of the cases. It’s high time we stop believing that THODA SA MAAR PEET SE KUCCH NAHIN HOTA. 

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