Boy’s Don’t Cry!

As the clock decides the character of a girl, tears elucidate gender, and then begins the plight of every man. Let’s have a walk to the time a boy was mocked for shedding some tears.

It all started with the first day at school, exploring the new world and the baggage I had to carry was to heavy for my teeny tiny shoulders and I couldn’t hold on to it , but I was unaware that this would be my last insouciant tears.
Time flies, and in the blink of an eye I was into my teenage . This phase of my life is known as “Devdas” . My love life didn’t have the happiest of endings, but I wasn’t given the access to wet my pillow, to shout out loud and scream to let go my frustration. Refraining my emotions from escaping through my eyes.Lord that was difficult but Alas! I gave up ,and that sums up why I went on to be known as “Devdas”

The next phase of my life , the adult phase or “Ladki hay tu” phase . On a pursuit to get my self established, I am still trembling and will have some sloppy moments. Failures gonna be my constant companion , then what next? A red signal to my tears again ! Rush to the washroom , Cry out loud and then return to the normal life, one fine day was caught gasping and that was the origin of my “ladki hay tu” phase.

Well life has more upcoming surprises and phase, but the 2 phases  sums up my life journey till date and to conclude it’s not the society but ourselves which keeps reminding us,
Ladke Rote nahi

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