The Truth Of Life 

A life away from the protection 

The love and shower of affection 

Has been dealt and dwelled upon 

By birds that that have fled on 

From their nests for something 

That beholds a precipice of anything

And would make them fulfill their duties 

Their abandoning of all the fruities

Will maketh them strong and profile 

And their hardwork won’t go futile 

In this world where everything is dark

Their hopes a light with a spark 

That they would succeed there on

And oblivion would be the new horizon 

With a strange hollowness in their heart 

The journey towards life starts 

A life which promises something better

And a life which would be fruitier 

Drowning sorrows into the depth of ocean

They begin their life with kindred so lean

Hope is what keeps them alive 

Horizon is what they wait to arrive

Because life is a journey towards awakening of the soul 

And the light at the end of the tunnel is a sight to behold

Promises are meant to be broken or kept there on 

Because oblivion is the new horizon !
© Saptashree Tripathy

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