​Call For A Change,What if?

Complaints, all we have with our respective lives, so what if one fine morning we get up and decide to break free the shackles,and be a whole new entity.

What if an Introvert decides to be an extrovert?

From an introvert’s perspective, being an extrovert or even a second thought to be one doesn’t persist in the life dictionary,but let’s consider it.What if this happen?
What if everyone is satisfied?
A world with zero complaints.Everyone satisfied with what they posses.No twinge of envy from anyone.What if this happens?

What if a mousy guy breaks free and finally approaches the love of his life?
The most beautiful love stories are the incomplete ones. With a farrago of pain, and fear we’ve witnessed a steep rise in one-sided lovers.What if he breaks the character?

What if we eradicate the “Log kya kahengay ” fear?
Don’t even give a rat’s ass to anyone and do what you want.Love what you do and never be ashamed of yourself.No fear of being exposed to the judgmental attitude.What if the world turns this way?

What if we start loving without prejudice?
Is it possible,or am i being too optimistic?But for a moment consider love being dealt as love and not a responsibility or a duty.No prejudice .How blissful the world would be? What if?

How dull a world we will step into if we only see extroverts around,or get no complaints regarding one’s life style , love stories with no tears or a carefree world? Changes are bound to happen , but is it actually necessary?
What if is always followed by a question,the questions do we actually need to bring about a change?


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