Government calls for the end of Doctor’s Monopoly :

Education and Medication is giving us a good run for our money. Education loans have made it possible for the underprivileged to consider pursuing education from any institute, but when it comes to Medication the figures are petrifying.

27% of deaths in India for want of medical attention- a survey conducted by TOI.Two million slum children die every year because of the lack of healthcare,and India is short by 5 lakh doctors pertaining to India’s total population, ironically the remaining doctors instead of knowing India’s situation in healthcare, don’t let go any opportunity to plunder the patients.
Pathologists ,or any other test conducting centers make huge profits .The monopoly of such centers leave behind , humongous debts for the poor. The large section of the total bill goes to Doctor as their commission, just for recommending their name.
Since Modi’s regime, a number of new laws have been enacted which surely didn’t receive a warm welcome.GST and demonisation are some examples.Generic medicines usage is being enthusiastically promoted by the Healthcare Ministry ,so the nation awaits some kind of renaissance in the field of Healthcare.
1- Maintaining a constant and affordable price , irrespective of metro city or a small town.
2-To make laws for refraining doctors from extracting money from patients by recommending some trivial,avoidable test.
3-To allow health loans for those under BPL.
4- Privatisation should be Prohibited
5-Governmet to work on increasing the facilities at government hospitals.
6-Impose strict limitations on the number of trial samples offered to doctors.
7-Restricting gifts and trips offered by the drugmakers to doctors and pharmacists to Rs 1,000 rupees.
8-Huge fine to be imposed on the violation of laws.
Hope we see a reform in our Healthcare soon , and we can sense a renaissance period.

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