The first transgender beauty queen of India 

On a historic day, 16 beauty queens across the nation, participated in the nation’s first ever transgender beauty peagent, which was conducted in Gurgaon, a city close to the national capital Delhi. 

Miss Transqueen India, as it is called, aims to enhance the position of the transgender community, cause even though they’ve been granted the 3rd gender status,the community still experiences identity crisis in various forms.The winner would represent India at the International Queen peagent which is to be held in Thailand, in March 2018.
Before the start, Miss Transqueen India declared every participant a winner, for their constant fight for acceptance, and upliftment of their community. 
The 11-person judge panel, comprised of personalities like Ms. Transsexual Australia and renowned transgender activisit Gauri Sawant. After quite a hustle,kolkata based Nitasha Biswas was crowned India’s first” Trans Queen”
The Transgender Community :
The Supreme Court’s verdict in 2014, granted the transgender an identity of the third gender. Though it came as a victory for many, but the plight of the transgenders seemed a never ending saga. Their unacceptance in the society, lack of job opportunities compelling them to beg and what not.Many still consider transgenders “the cursed ones”. 

“It was never an easy task, but we did it “said Reena Rai,  a former business owner who came up with the idea of Miss Transqueen India after the transgenders complained about the identity crisis. 

” Though there wasn’t a massive crowd, but the ones present there were too supportive” she added. 

Amidst such negativity it requires a lot of courage to step out of the box for some recognition, and Miss Transqueen India, takes the first of many steps. 


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