​Why BJP will have an upper hand in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections,

“Abki baar Modi Sarkar” and the humongous Modi wave, took everyone by storm, where BJP claimed 282 seats, and after decades we witnessed such a dominating performance, but all we talk about is the result but every task requires efforts to pull it off, and when its the question to elect the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy,  imagine the set of skills it requires to flawlessly execute the plan. 

As we saw BJP’s triumph in Uttar Pradesh, we expect a landslide victory of the Narendra Modi LED NDA. So what factors would be decisive? 
We’ve pointed out some reasons :
1)The Leader himself – Narendra Modi 
The prominent modi wave will surely blow off the, handicapped opposition.
2)The zero toleration to scam Policy :
How ironical it is, 3 years into Modi’s regime we haven’t heard of any scams, but the scams of CONgress are being unfolded  every other day. 
3)Active IT-Cell 
Internet has become the face of the world now. Solution to almost every issue is just a tweet away.
4)No Opposition? 
“Na chali andhi, Fir Prime Minister nahi banengay Rahul Gandhi” and people are fed up of Arvind kejriwal’s blame game now. 
5) An eye for an eye won’t make the world blind 
Doklam standoff, or surgical strike on Pakistan or be it the encounter of Abu Ismail, army has always kept their heads high, unlike the regime of previous government. 
6)Abolishment of the Appeasement Politics :
A criminal is a criminal, irrespective of his religion. Raising issues like triple talaq was a bold move, where opposition is surviving on Appeasement. 
So can we say, 

“Fir ek baar Modi Sarkar”

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