​Racism in Electronic Media : Black is the new Curse?

Racism has become the synonym of “slow poison” in today’s dictionary. Complexion of the skin decides one’s fate,such dominating is racism now a days in our society. Racist jokes have been floating all over the social media ,under the refuge of “Dank Memes or Dark Humour” , and notably over the years India’s intolerance has been prominent.

Notably,in the electronic media the way you “flaunt” your news ,is the elementary concern, and the bottom line has always been “Jo dikhta hay wo bikta hay”,the worst of all is we don’t even care .

“Fair complexion” has always been the Indian definition of beauty, both textually and practically.NCERT book of 1st standard depicts ugliness by portraying a dull-black lady, thus signifying “fair complexion”  is the modern day synonym of beauty.

Electronic media has acquired it profoundly.

Not to one’s surprise, there is only one popular, valued journalist with a “dark complexion” Rahul Sinha of Zee News. Complexion always suppresses talent but who do we blame?

Ashutosh of AAP, who repackaged himself as a journalist from a politician,has always been a major victim of racism,with supporters of other political parties, assigning derogatory names to him on the basis of his complexion.

Recently Las Vegas observed one of the most petrifying Massacres,which killed 58 people and injured 489.The Gunman was a white maniac.USA which is known as the epitome of racism,and is renowned for racial abuse, didn’t identify the shooter by his skin colour .The case would have been otherwise,had the shooter been an Afro-American 
The underlying scarcity of a “not-fair” journalist in electronic media is a reflection.
Reflection of what we perceive of beauty.On a number of occasions we have been intolerant.

In conclusion will just add “we will remain racists, and influence others to follow our footsteps*
Picture credits : Nistha Jaiswal

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